Friday, August 6, 2010

The 'New' Toy

We bought a travel trailer last weekend!

Trailer side

It's an old 1971, and needs a little bit of work, but for $500 it was a good buy.


The girls have been hanging out in it, doing projects and puzzles and math worksheets...


And Charissa is begging to have it for her own 'house'. She's tired of sharing a room with a sister, LOL.


  1. We have the pop up trailer Mike grew up with which is probably close to the same vintage as yours. The stove looks identical to ours! Same color and all. I hope ya'll have many wonderful trips in this. mother in law started a tradition with the pop up that we have continued. There is a journal that stays in the trailer and every trip has been documented.

  2. The travel journal is a fantastic idea--we'll have to do that!

    Thanks :)