Friday, August 27, 2010

State Fair week is here

It's been especially busy this week because it's the week of the Nevada State Fair--now officially renamed the "Wild West Fair"--or something like that. They actually have a pretty good set of shows going. We watched part of the Pow-Wow (Native American dancing) and caught most of the main Wild West show. They have a "Spanish Dancing Horses" show--Andalusians probably--which I hope I can get to see tomorrow.

Josh has enjoyed watching the Wild West show, parts of horse shows, looking at all the pigs, and watching a dairy goat show. He "knows" about goats, since we have them, and speculated about how much milk the different goats had--based on udder size. He also found the different ear sizes and shapes interesting, since our goats are mini LaManchas with almost no ears.

The twins have prefered to spend most of their time in the rabbit and poultry area, collecting feathers, drawing pictures of birds, and climbing up and down the bleachers.

Katie and Robin have mostly been doing various rabbit showing events and helping man the club's booth.

The kids art projects have done well: Charissa has a Grand Champion ribbon on a wire sculpture she made, and Robin on a crocheted doll. I can't remember the details of the other projects--it's too late at night--but I'll update on that soon.

Hopefully I'll have some pictures and more details up by Sunday, but now I need to get to bed so I can get the kids back to the fair by 8:30 or so tomorrow morning!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Job's Peak in the Morning

This is looking south from our property... Job's Peak at sunrise. Too bad I can't edit out the power lines!

Jobs Peak 2

I'm not sure if it shows in the picture, but there's still a bit of snow up there--in August!

Bunnies at 14 days

Baby bunnies really grow fast...




And the kids are enjoying them ...



Here's the mom:


Charissa is 15 years old!!!

Her birthday is on the 12th--I'm behind on posting, and I'm afraid I didn't get much in the way of pictures....


We went to Panda Express for her birthday dinner (her choice)--and I thought I had pics there, but they seem to have gone missing. Then went to Borders Books where our friends Tom and MaryKay play folk music once a month:


... and drank sodas ...


... and Patrick read us a poem in his lovely Irish accent--which I believe he wrote for Mother's Day last year ...


... then we came home for late night cupcakes and presents--but I didn't get any pics of the presents, just blowing candles--and yes, Robin is already nearly as tall as Charissa ...


And that was it.

Lookout Post

The haystack is a great place to watch for the arrival of friends....


Thursday, August 12, 2010

More Unexpected Babies

This time it's rabbits... about 10 days old in these shots, and just opening their eyes....



Friday, August 6, 2010

Boy Warrior

Josh has been big into sword play lately. Here he is with his sword and cardboard shield.


I took this shot as I was jumping backwards out of the way of this unexpected attack:


He's actually getting quite dangerous. He used to be happy just wacking swords, but now he's realized that the point is to hit the other person. This makes playing swords with him a lot more challenging and fun.

But I do need to teach him some chivalrous ideas--such as not stabbing people in the back without warning! LOL

The 'New' Toy

We bought a travel trailer last weekend!

Trailer side

It's an old 1971, and needs a little bit of work, but for $500 it was a good buy.


The girls have been hanging out in it, doing projects and puzzles and math worksheets...


And Charissa is begging to have it for her own 'house'. She's tired of sharing a room with a sister, LOL.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Morning Drive

Charissa and I took a nice morning drive to the lake on Monday morning. Lake Tahoe, that is--around here, that's usually what people mean when they say "The Lake." Of course there's lots of other lakes around, but, anyway...

Charissa was on her way to a 5 day backpacking camp, which was unfortunately cancelled at the last minute, but since I didn't bring my cell phone, we didn't know until we arrived at the meeting place.

It was a beautiful morning--the lake was gorgeous, as always, and I'm glad we were able to take the drive.

Here's a couple of lake pictures:



I drove past the best picture taking spots before I thought of stopping, but oh well!

Here's the disappointed backpacker:


That was supposed to be a shot of "Contemplative Charissa" but she saw me coming and it turned into "Charissa Trying Not to Smile."

And then she lost it altogether:


Isn't she a cutie!

This series was really messed up, with too much background light. But I played with the editing tools, and came up with this:





She wasn't too upset about missing her camp--she was thankful to be able to go home and go back to bed!