Thursday, September 9, 2010


I brought in a little sunshine.

I decided to turn the llamas back into their paddock--which I planted this year with corn, squash, beans, and sunflowers. 

The first thing they did was eat the rest of the sunflowers.

Some stuff grew, but not as well as I'd hoped, and I didn't get anything edible.  In hindsight, it would have been better to plant it to alfalfa, which has the ability to break up the desert hardpan and improve the soil.

I think I'll do that next year.  Meanwhile the llamas are making short work of the half-dried-up 2 foot tall corn and the weeds.

p.s.  I know I promised State Fair pics--I'll get to that soon!  It takes me awhile to recover after the fair.


  1. Beautiful flowers! Why do people have llamas? What do you do with them? I've seen them around here (tx) and often wondered this.

  2. I guess I should do a post on the llamas! :) Basically their uses are: wool, pack animal, and livestock guardian. They make nice yard ornaments and conversation starters, too!