Saturday, July 10, 2010

Carson City Rendevous

The kids and I went to the annual Rendevous last month--except for Charissa, who's been very 'teenagerish' recently, and prefers to do her own thing. :)

We got a little peek at the civil war...


And saw the Union and Confederate headquarters:

Union Headquarters

Confederate Headquarters

And even got a picture with President Lincoln and General Lee. You can only see me, Robin, Josh, and Katie. The twins got shy and are hiding behind.

Lee and Lincoln

After the War, we headed out to the Wild West....


... where we found our friends, Tom and Mary Kay, making some music. They play folk music at Borders Books here in town, on the 2nd Thursday each month, from 6:30 to 8pm. We're usually there. You can sample their music here.

Tom and MaryKay

Unfortunately, the fun was interrupted by a gunfight....

Luckily, no bystanders were injured, and the ladies sucessfully defended their town.

Ladies Win

A trip to the General Store for treats finished off our day ...

General Store

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